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So you know how I got most of my hair chopped off the summer between sophomore and junior year? I finally got around to mailing off the hair that got cut off to Locks of Love today. I was cleaning up my desk (which is now spotless and organized and amazing) and found it sitting in a box. Kind of gross and creepy, but at least I got it done. Still, it was weird to hold it. It's weird enough to hold that much hair in your hand, let alone hair that used to be attached to your head. It is at least a foot long, so it's plenty for them. Still. Weeeeird.

Also, did anyone else watch the Oscars? I went to an Oscar-watching party and had a ton of fun, including yelling the lyrics to "Just Dance" at the top of my lungs with my friend at midnight while driving through downtown and blasting the song on my car stereo. I'm so, so glad that the Milk screenplay won in its category. The speech that the writer gave was the highlight of the night, I think.
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