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guided by a new era

and acting with grace and elegance

3/23/09 05:21 pm - please excuse the caps, I am in the midst of unrivaled joy.


omg omg omg omg omggggggg.
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3/17/09 03:25 pm - FAILURE IS IMMINENT.

We're on the abortion unit of my philosophy class. And it is filled with fail, as expected.

The unit centers around a group of readings we have to do. None of the writers are 100% pro-choice; there are two pro-lifers and two pro-choice-buts. The first of the latter group is "pro-choice-unless-I-deem-your-reasons-stupid", and the second is all about time restrictions. Our assignment for tonight is to read the other pro-lifer's essay and critique her characteristics of what makes something a person. I'll have fun shredding her argument, but all the same (and I will sound sooo narrow-minded when I say this, but believe me, I've heard it all) I do not want to have to slog through pro-life drivel that is all about the fetus. It's bad enough that our class discussions only mention the woman as an after thought, as though she were barely relevant, and that the entire discussion is made in terms of the fetus. I would almost call it a pro-life slant, as not only are all of our readings pro-life in some way, shape or form, but pro-lifers also center the discussion around the fetus, while the pro-choice side tends to center it around the woman. I'm sure almost all you know my position on the issue, and though I've piped up a LOT during this whole debacle (the only person who has said more than me is the teacher himself), it isn't doing much good. There are still a bunch of stupid freshmen who continue to say things like, "since she made the decision to get pregnant" when we are not discussing a situation in which a woman has sex with a man in order to get pregnant, and they do not listen to me (or any of the other menstruating people in the class) when I tell them that conception is not voluntary, nor is ovulation. It doesn't matter that PIV sex can lead to pregnancy, becoming pregnant is NOT something you consciously do. It happens outside of your control if you have had PIV sex. FUCKING DUH, PLEASE GO BACK TO FIFTH GRADE SCIENCE. I've managed to kick their ass, though. It's very rewarding, once they shut up. But it's extremely frustrating.

Also, do you know what else is frustrating? Straight people who think they have a gaydar. Assfriend said today in forum that he thought Katy Perry's song "Ur So Gay" was funny, and I told him it wasn't funny, it was offensive. So then he starts on this whole spiel about gay men who are in the closet but you can tell they're gay because they exhibit something that he didn't say because I cut him off (knowing he would say "effeminate tendencies" or something to that effect, because that's what I was pointing out to him was wrong with the song) and told him that straight people do not have gaydars. No, sorry, they don't. When a straight person says they have a gaydar, it means they can see gay stereotypes. People who are actually queer are better at spotting people who are also actually queer because we are able to see behavior that we exhibited as well as closeted or out people. It's like a sixth sense. We have the experiences and we can see them in other people. Straight people do not have the experiences and therefore cannot see them in other people.

ETA: And, because most of my recent posts have been negative, I thought I should add that the weather today was spectacular. IT IS 67 DEGREES, AAAAAAAAAAH. Two months ago I had a "You know you live in Michigan when..." moment when I walked out into 20 degree weather and my first thought was, "It's so warm!" -___-

3/3/09 08:32 pm - D: + :D

- I hit another Zingerman's truck in the parking lot today. This one left a mark on my bumper, too. I was backing out of a spot and thought I had room to back up just a liiiiitle bit more. I didn't. Oops.

- I am *so* proud of myself. I wrote my essay for Angela's Ashes in two days. All it needs is a bit of editing and a title and it will be done. Senioritis, my ass.

- I have completely, irrevocably fallen in love with Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. I'm a little more than halfway through 2nd gig and it makes me sad to know that after 2nd gig is just the movie Solid State Society and then it's over. :( It's soooo awesome. As per usual, I've latched onto one of the minor characters who will never get more than one or two quick appearances each episode as one of my favorites. I have to watch most of the episodes twice to understand them completely, but aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh it's so awesome.

- Yesterday I discovered Pandora. It's amazing. I've found so much awesome music on it, and besides that it's good background noise for when I'm working. I have a relatively small collection of music (~600 songs, compared to most of my friends who have ~10,000) and sometimes I get sick of hearing the same songs over and over again.

2/23/09 05:24 pm - e___e + :D

So you know how I got most of my hair chopped off the summer between sophomore and junior year? I finally got around to mailing off the hair that got cut off to Locks of Love today. I was cleaning up my desk (which is now spotless and organized and amazing) and found it sitting in a box. Kind of gross and creepy, but at least I got it done. Still, it was weird to hold it. It's weird enough to hold that much hair in your hand, let alone hair that used to be attached to your head. It is at least a foot long, so it's plenty for them. Still. Weeeeird.

Also, did anyone else watch the Oscars? I went to an Oscar-watching party and had a ton of fun, including yelling the lyrics to "Just Dance" at the top of my lungs with my friend at midnight while driving through downtown and blasting the song on my car stereo. I'm so, so glad that the Milk screenplay won in its category. The speech that the writer gave was the highlight of the night, I think.
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2/17/09 04:21 pm - and I thought I was going to enjoy this class.

Dear Philosophy textbook (and the one guy who wrote it),

You didn't just have to be extremely heteronormative. You didn't just have to assume that everyone reading this book goes to church. You also had to lump homosexuality in with incest, adultery, pedophilia and beastiality in the group of sexual behaviors whose ethics are questionable. I understand that there are arguments that homosexuality is "unethical", but that doesn't mean you have to actually validate them by listing homosexuality alongside all of these behaviors constantly. There are valid arguments that support the idea that adultery, pedophilia and beastiality are all unethical. There are no valid arguments (that I have heard) that support the idea that homosexuality is unethical. Why couldn't you follow the example of the side that sees homosexuality as ethically neutral when constructing your examples, instead of following the example of the side that thinks it is unethical? When is society going to realize that trying to argue that homosexuality is "unethical" or "wrong" is complete and total bullshit, and is an argument that should not even be entertained? I know society would not tolerate the argument, "Heterosexuality is wrong/unethical" for one second. Why not show the same courtesy to homosexuality?

I am getting really sick of reading the line, "such as incest, adultery and homosexuality." I know it seems like a small thing, but please forgive me if I do not like seeing my identity lined up next to breaking a lover's trust and child rape.

Incest, adultery and heterosexuality,


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